About me

I believe that NOTHING is more important and practical than knowledge about human nature. You cannot create epic technology if you don't truly and deeply understand how the human mind works.

I am obsessively practical – so I'm an advocate of unlocking human knowledge first, when creating technology, service and brands – that are profitable, useful for people and have positive impact on society.

People THINK that they know how people think and act, but THINKING it is not the same as KNOWING. My mission and everyday job is to translate human behaviour and emotions into actions that span business and marketing.

For years I worked in global advertising agencies. I left because I wanted to do things that matter more that PowerPoint presentations. That’s why, everything I do - myself or in my company IZMALKOWA – I connect knowledge with meaning.

No meaning = no long term business. No knowledge = no innovation and no progress.

I have been nominated for Most Charismatic Person in Business, Person of the Year and for the Business Woman of the year.


PSYCHOLOGY OF LIES is the specialization of the company I founded, IZMALKOWA. IZMALKOWA was the first company and still the only one in Europe that uses the Psychology of Lies to help make right business and marketing decisions. IZMALKOWA uses the same knowledge and techniques that the FBI, Pentagon and many other military organizations use to spot the lies. What I do - I spot lies of consumers and to make sure that business decisions are based on TRUTHS, not declarations. It may seem less important than military, but... how often do you meen James Bond in your life? And how often do you buy bread, shoes and car? Brands is our everyday reality and everyday business – that’s is why IZMALKOWA treats lies and truth super seriously IZMALKOWA has created my own methodology of gathering and analyzing data, based on tools from Ethnographic Research, and Scientific Data taken from psychology and sociology. One of our first clients said: "watching an IZMALKOWA presentation is like watching a James Bond movie, but only it’s about consumers. I wish all qualitative research looked like this". It was the first comment about my company and I make sure that my team still delivers not only insights and knowledge, but my methods are inspiring and fascinating even for those who hate research.


I am one of the most recognizable Business and Power Speakers in Poland. I have delivered my speach about the PSYCHOLOGY OF LIES and the TRAVELLING CEO in 9 countries on 4 continents. Every year I give around 50 speeches and lectures, including international conferences, TEDx, Google, Eurobest and Cannes Lions. I write for magazines like Newsweek, Cosmopolitan, My Company, IT Girls, Marketing in Practice, Puls Biznesu, Gazeta Wyborcza, Rzeczpospolita and Business Insider. I am common guest not only in breakfast TV (which I am not big fan, as waking up at 6 is not my thing) but also an experct in many economical and financial TV programs. In a radio – I ussulally comments about psycology in marketing and answering questions about different generation of consumers.

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Bullshit allergies, I hate presentations that teach nothing. That’s why my talks are charismatic, entertaining and most of all thought provoking. There are many psychologists, but few psychologists use psychology as their foundation to help businesses. I talk about psychology and shares business cases from my research company – unique knowledge that nobody else has.