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About me

I believe that NOTHING is more important and practical than knowledge about human nature. You cannot create epic technology if you don't truly and deeply understand how the human mind works.

I am obsessively practical – so I'm an advocate of unlocking human knowledge first, when creating technology, service and brands – that are profitable, useful for people and have positive impact on society.

People THINK that they know how people think and act, but THINKING it is not the same as KNOWING. My mission and everyday job is to translate human behaviour and emotions into actions that span business and marketing.

For years I worked in global advertising agencies. I left because I wanted to do things that matter more that PowerPoint presentations. That’s why, everything I do - myself or in my company IZMALKOWA – I connect knowledge with meaning.

No meaning = no long term business. No knowledge = no innovation and no progress.

I have been nominated for Most Charismatic Person in Business, Person of the Year and for the Business Woman of the year.

My blog

On blog Julia translates academic psychology and language of everyday people and business so they can start using it IMMEDIATELY - to make their life and their brands more successful if you believe in power of mind and that psychology is one of the greatest and most useful disciplines please check Julia's blog and leave a comment what you think. Was it useful?


Why Men Are From Mars, And Women Are From Venus

99,6 % of the people of Poland are white. We don’t know how it is to be black or Asian. We don’t feel it, we think it‘s not our problem.
50% of the people of Poland - are different gender that you are. So it‘s OUR experience.
We believe in illusion that we KNOW and we UNDERSTAND THEM, because we see, live, work with other gender on every day basis.
We have communication problems. We believe something is wrong with “THEM’. We write and read tons of books about our differences but at the end of the day  the question that doesn’t let us sleep at night is: what is wrong with THEM? Why they don't understand.
‘THEM’ are all the same. ‘WE’ – gave more complex nature and WE are being stereotyped that’s why world seems to be not so fair.
So we complain, we educate, we fight, we make movies or movement about equality.
We do so much because we don't see much changes. We are ineffective.

In this talk Julia want to point out on some basic sources of problems responsible for stereotyping and bad communication between genders. It maybe useful in your personal life – but she will focus mainly on consequences for business and marketing. Because we can chose our own unhappiness – but in business we have broader responsibilities that is why it is important to know how to communicate well and how to fight against unfair stereotypes


you can t have it all

“Don't believe the lie that you cannot have everything."

According to Julia herself: The aim of this speech is to share with other women the principles I apply in running my company and my blog, participating in various conferences, training, appearing in public and, at the same time, having time to live my private life and care for my spiritual growth.

Shelves are bending under the weight of guidebooks of management and leadership. Not bookshop shelves, though, but those at my home. Since I'm a hyper-accurate and controlling perfectionist, I’ve read them all. Some were useful, some not so much - but what is important is that I checked all of them. In the end, they provided a fertile ground for formulation of my own principles. As a psychologist, I could tell you what should work. As a researcher, I can tell you what people believe works. But as a person who built her own company and life in opposition to the common rules, I want to share what worked best. I travelled a long road before I created my mantras - and now when I have a hard time or when I have no idea what decision to make - it is them I use for guidance. I hope some of them will help other women as well.

The Cannes Critique

Why are rules more important than spontaneity when it comes to creativity? How to make a consumer love your product? These questions, among others, will be answered by Julia Izmalkowa during the meeting entitled "LESSONS FROM THE GODS OF ADVERTISING". We invite everyone who wants to learn:

• How scientists may contribute to a brand's success

• What makes certain trends become accepted more than others

• What the problem is with "social purpose" campaigns

• Whether eliminating stereotypes from advertising is possible at all

• How to learn from the gods of advertising about... how advertisements should not be made

No more digital nomads

Technology enables working from any place in the world.  Such situation is the dream and objective of most people: those working in corporations (because they are fed up with them), those working in startups (because they really do not want to be in corporations) and company owners (because working on their own they started feeling like in a corporation, but without the benefits it provides)

Nomads – this is the answer to this phenomenon.  They work all around the world because they do not want to work in the same single place all the time.

A travelling CEO represent a mindset different from that of a nomad - such person does not run away anywhere from anything.

Travelling CEO only uses two things in order to work more efficiently:

self-awareness and technology.

Being a travelling CEO does not mean that you have to lead a huge company – it only means that you are your own boss, you manage your job and you know how to manage both yourself and the people you work with in order to create win-win situations.



Future forecasting has been proven to be completely fucking useless. Big data has shown that economic, financial and social prediction is as accurate as flipping a coin. Do you remember Google Glasses? They were supposed to be the next massive trend! But now they rest in the cemetery of failed products. Do you still think mobile is a trend? I hope not – because it’s not, it’s now a REALITY for absolutely everyone on this planet. The best minds in the world, including Nobel Prize winners in microeconomics have tried to forecast trends, but have failed again and again. So why do we still crave trends so much? Because we want to feel safe. But creativity isn’t about being safe. If somebody calls something ‘a trend’ – it’s already passé. If you want to be creative, you need to find something before anybody can call it TREND. So, fuck trends and learn 3 psychology tactics to help you to predict the future instead. 3 tactics that even big data confirms work the best for forecasting.


We are all liars. That’s the truth.

We all lie. At least twice during one hour of conversation. 80% of us lie during a work interview. 

We lie face to face all the time. So.. how much do you think we are telling the truth when we don‘t see eyes of another person?

90% of the lie we tell are never discovered.

I will present the basic psychology of lies and answer these questions: How do we know when somebody is a liar?  How can we know that on line? How can we protect ourselves from lying? As a researcher and psychologist, I will teach you how to detect lies and how to make people tell you the truth. So never again will you trust lies disguised by the truth. Because your business is only as good as the truth you know!


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