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So... let’s meet Me...
The best word to describe myself is HUMANOLOGIST

I connect knowledge with meaning. I believe that NOTHING is more important and practical than knowledge about human nature. People or brands – we all need the same UNDERSTANDING OF HUMAN NATURE.
You cannot create epic technology if you don’t truly and deeply understand how the human mind works. You cannot grow and change if you don’t under stand yourself and others around you.

I am obsessively practical – so I’m an advocate of unlocking human knowledgefirst, when creating technology, service and brands – that are profitable, useful for people and have positive impact on society.

That is why I am so crazy about PSYCHOLOGY and my mission and everyday job is to translate human behavior and emotions into actions that span business and marketing.

Also, by doing research for last 15 years in Fortune500 companies, I learnt that the most successful companies are run by people who are happy with themselves. People who love what they do and do what they love. People with high self-awareness, self-knowledge and who are obsessed with constantly learning of new things!

That is why I promote the “LOVE MONDAYS” attitude, instead of the work/life balance or becoming a digital nomad.

AND…my last obsession – bringing up a good human being – I run a special section about the psychology of children – PSYCHO MAMA – where I fight with misconceptions about bringing up children and share KNOWLEDGE about the psychology of children.

I love truth. I love understanding. I love breaking rules.
I love making things work better. I love happy and self fulfilled people.
I love making the world a better place – even if it is one centimeter at time.
In my work – I do what I love and fight against what I hate…


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