How to give the best gifts according to psychologists

Reading Time: 8 minutes The golden rule is: MINDFULNESS, MINDFULNESS, MINDFULNESS. No mindfulness = no good gifts. Mindfulness is like roaring as loud as a lion: YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO ME – what you want and what you need is my bible.

365 days of our new life

Reading Time: 3 minutes The only way to survive this journey with the mini human is to relax, enjoy the present moment and surrender to what the future holds. Knowledge helps. Experience as well. However, the thought that OUR CHILD is not OUR property helped us the most.

What do you need your child for?

Reading Time: 2 minutes A child shouldn’t be the one to pass you a glass of water or to keep you company and support you financially when you get old.

Baby boys need more attention

Reading Time: 2 minutes The human male is, on most measures, more vulnerable than the female. Part of the explanation is the biological fragility of the male fetus by the time a boy is born he is on average developmentally some weeks behind his sister…

Why should you smell your baby?

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Smell of Newborn Babies lights up the reward centers in our brain in a way other scents can’t. It triggers in the brain the Same Reward Centers as Drugs addiction, sexual pleasure and other forms of gratification.


Reading Time: 2 minutes Women who have glass of wine while nursing are faced with guilt and shame. But, before throwing a stone or a cold eye at new mom – please remember that just like every other mother, she wants what is best for her baby and she would never do anything to harm him.

The cheapest way to help your baby grow up healthy

Reading Time: 3 minutes Babies can survive without fancy new bottles, expensive muslin blankets, toys “invented” by psychologists and neurologists, even without organic nappies and creams, but there is one thing that that every baby needs (and it’s free!)