relationships are complicated

I broke my wing and fell to the ground

Reading Time: 6 minutes It doesn’t matter how many times life knocks you down, but sometimes a tiger loses its claws, and an eagle breaks its wings. “Calm down, it’s no big deal, pull yourself together!” – can you

I was a perfect wife and I’m not anymore

Reading Time: 5 minutes Nobody leaves perfection. “I was the perfect wife, I hold our family together, I was a wonderful mother, and a wonderful wife. I always supported him and took care of our happy home. We were

Who am I when I’m lost? Ushuai, Argentina

Reading Time: 5 minutes How much do we know about ourselves? How many our lies do we believe in? We live in Woody Allen’s world, where solutions to all our problems and dilemmas are expected to be solved on

Because it takes two to flirt

Reading Time: 3 minutes I made a summary of gains and losses in my life and I saw that: A lot of things I wanted to have – I don’t have. Many things I dreamt about will NEVER come