If you hate waiting, if you hate being unhappy, the philosophy of Love Mondays is for you. LOVE MONDAYS is choosing a lifestyle where work is perfectly blended with your life. If you love Mondays – you don’t wait for Fridays, for holidays or retirement. Tomorrow may never come – so transform your life so you don’t have to wait for anything. Every Monday is a new beginning.

LOVE MONDAYS is various tools and methods designed for companies and individuals, all based on my and IZMALKOWA’S research. I created it because I strongly believe that the world would be a better place if we all loved our work.

If you think I’m exaggerating, then ask yourself these questions: Who would you most liked to be served by in restaurant?

Waiters who love Mondays or waiters who hate serving people? Who is a better teacher for your child? One who loves Mondays, or one who just tolerates children until they find a better job.

What employees work better? Those who Love Mondays or those who live for the weekends?



My book is 400 pages of deep knowledge about people who changed this planet.

Filled with philosophies from great people who believed that work is a privilege and a blessing. Not a burden or a duty.

They all shared a philosophy: to live a happy life without waiting for the weekend.
In the book, I share their life and their work advice.
I show how I used their philosophies to become a Travelling CEO.

And I give psychological proof that there is guaranteed success behind these rules.

If you curious and cannot wait to read it, then we belong to the same tribe.

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And I let you know as soon as I finish it. Perfectionism is my killer. It’s NOT easy to be me. But somebody has to do the job.


ANYBODY can love Mondays. Seriously.
And you don’t need a fancy job or a huge salary to start.
Start by increasing your self-awareness of what you like and don't like to do.
Then have the common sense to follow it.

I created a series of interviews for Business Insider with practitioners of LOVE Mondays.
They share tips about their work and life.

If you want me to do interview with a board member from your company, so they can share your companies philosophy about loving their job.



Love Mondays is a power speech.
I share evidence that Loving Mondays is the best thing we can do for ourselves, our partners and kids – to make sure that work is smoothly integrated into our life.
Insights and stories, not only inspire the audience, but offer tools to help transform their everyday private and working lives.


Employees retention is the most urgent and costly problem for company’s today.

People who love their job rarely leave it. That is why, it is so important to make sure that employees are Mondays lovers not haters.
Surveys, 360 evaluations and tools can measure the happiness/pulse of a company.
The Love Mondays program not only measures, it gives tools to change mindsets.

The Love Mondays program includes an audit of your company.
It helps define where on the ‘love scale’ from Monday to Sunday your employees are.
And depending on the results, we recommend a strategic solution.
The Love Mondays program also increases loyalty and engagement of employees, as it shows people then that companies care for them as a humans, not just as soldiers.

The Love Mondays program is also helping personalise the book, Love Mondays – where interviews with founders or board member are integrated into Julia; book. This way you can print your personal version of LOVE MONDNAYS for your employees, clients and business partners.

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Some people think that a CEOs job is simple and easy.
You’re at the top. You’re in charge of everyone. You have no bosses.
But, you know that you have more bosses more anybody else.
Your clients, Your investors. Your team.
You sometimes find the pressure too much for one person.
You used to love your work. Feel excitement and adrenaline.
Now, there’s only cortisol left. Stress stole your purpose and left you void.

The LOVE MONDAYS program is a set of tools designed to help you find purpose again through special purpose sessions and workshops.
This program will not solve all our problems – but it will help you to find purpose to love to be who you and where you are – again!