humans are strange

Recipe for Cannes. Because nobody goes at Cannes alone.

Reading Time: 3 minutes I did it. I had workshop at Cannes Lions Festival. I didn’t have big brand or big corporation behind me, but I did have people with big trust in me. I am grateful, because it takes a village… to put somebody on a stage Cannes.

I broke my wing and fell to the ground

Reading Time: 6 minutes It doesn’t matter how many times life knocks you down, but sometimes a tiger loses its claws, and an eagle breaks its wings. “Calm down, it’s no big deal, pull yourself together!” – can you

You are the center of the universe

Reading Time: 4 minutes Why is this child naked? Are his parents aware of contemporary threats? Not to mention solar radiation? I felt embarrassed when I saw a four years old child completely naked, swimming in a hotel pool

7 rules of choosing the right book

Reading Time: 7 minutes I recently bought a bad book after deciding to listen to a recommendation from a person I barely knew. I  end up with  the most boring book on contemporary philosophy – I didn’t manage to

I was a perfect wife and I’m not anymore

Reading Time: 5 minutes Nobody leaves perfection. “I was the perfect wife, I hold our family together, I was a wonderful mother, and a wonderful wife. I always supported him and took care of our happy home. We were

When life falls apart. 3 tips that really help.

Reading Time: 3 minutes “They’ll never find anybody who’s as good as you.” “They’ll start missing you soon.” “They’ll realize how great you were the first day you don’t come to work.” “They’ll definitely regret it.” “Don’t worry. He’ll

One way to break the habit

Reading Time: 8 minutes There are many things that are good for us that we still don’t do. For example, brushing your teeth with coconut oil, voting in elections, or telling the truth on your Facebook, Tinder, or Instagram

Life is easy for some people

Reading Time: 6 minutes It’s easy to like yourself when others like you. But when you don’t see any friendly faces you need to make twice the effort. You can learn to ADORE yourself –  THANKS TO the  people

What to do when somebody doesn’t understand you

Reading Time: 5 minutes I love people. I also love no people Having people around means 100% awareness and focus on the other person. Listening to facts and emotions and processing them. Making sure that they know and feel

#1 rule to be effectively persuasive

Reading Time: 3 minutes Pulau Weh – one of the most beautiful islands I have ever been in my life. A green and blue paradise with whole lot of apes and fabulous diving. After an hour of beautiful sights

Kill your kitty

Reading Time: 6 minutes “Miss Julia, if there’s one thing that I’m sure of after this meeting, it’s that I really wouldn’t like to be your enemy.” “I’m actually a very kind person in private life.” “I believe you,