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SWOT will not make the dreams come true

Reading Time: 4 minutes Skas is a well-known Indonesian fashion photographer. He has his studio in Jakarta and several really good campaigns on his account. So many photographers – at least ones I know – have no special education


Reading Time: 5 minutes Sometimes I feel like this whole obsession of a modern world about acceptance, tolerance and unconditional love is just mumbling, rubbish and declaration! Everyone agrees, everyone thinks it’s right, everyone needs it, but it has

Place DOES matter

Reading Time: 4 minutes In every Buddhist book you’d read that the place has nothing to do with happiness, and that it makes no difference whether you are up in Himalayas, or in Mokotow. All you need is to

Because it takes two to flirt

Reading Time: 3 minutes I made a summary of gains and losses in my life and I saw that: A lot of things I wanted to have – I don’t have. Many things I dreamt about will NEVER come

What does “the real life” mean?, Rapa Nui

Reading Time: 3 minutes For many years my love has been a tiny island on the Pacific Ocean – Rapa Nui. It was love from the first sight. Travelling from the airport to the hotel I already wanted re-book