Trust strangers – they know better who you are, Toruń

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Before presentation I am a little bit or a little bit more than a little bit nervous. But when I have to show somebody my text or my presentation – there is no scale and no visual aid to show how I feel… This TED was my THANK YOU speech to all beautiful people on my way – who helped me to discover who I am and tought me to be with myself – as I am. Expressing emotions, especcially in public is not always easy – but I tried and I did my best. Hope you will find something for you. And if not… definitely you will find out something new about me… Anyway… you don’t have to be nice… better to be honest.

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  1. Thank you Yulia for such an inspirational speech. It gave me a glimmer of hope…:-). Keep being great! Pozdrowienia, Milana

    1. Milana…THANK YOU … hope to see you soon with your angel… you both look more beautiful every day!!!

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