Money doesn’t happiness, but…; Dominika Nawrocka – Woman and money – review!

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Usually I don’t read books about finances. I feel like I know enough and  what I don’t know – my finance advisor knows (he is not my fiance, so there is no chance that someday he will be my ex-fiance, therefore I trust him completely and unconditionally).
I usually also don’t read self – help books or guidebooks, because I don’t like shortcuts. But  this book I read from the beginning to the end.
Though it’s not for everyone, for some people it is mandatory lecture (like, if you are single mom and have never worked before – you better read this NOW).
In my reviews I don’t write summaries, so there is no shortcut for my readers. I can tell who should read a book, who shouldn’t, and what someone could gain from reading it. And that’s why you should check out my new review next week.  Next week – pure psychology – something that I love the most! 🙂

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