Kill your kitty

Reading Time: 6 minutes “Miss Julia, if there’s one thing that I’m sure of after this meeting, it’s that I really wouldn’t like to be your enemy.” “I’m actually a very kind person in private life.” “I believe you,

Me – my own God

Reading Time: 6 minutes I believe in intentions more than I believe in opinions Psychologists say that the truth, when expressed with bad intentions, is aggression. There is objective truth, so subjective truth is only an opinion, that is,

I’m a luxury woman

Reading Time: 8 minutes Everyone has their own private kind of luxury. Sometimes it’s enough to notice what kind of things are bothering us. You don’t need to have everything in order to be happy.  I didn’t read about

Are you sure money can’t buy happiness?

Reading Time: 7 minutes There are many things that don’t bring happiness: acing your matriculation exam, having bright blue eyes or a golden tan, eating a ripe avocado, owning a house in the mountains, bathing in beautiful sunshine or

3 tips for people who, like me – are always hungry

Reading Time: 6 minutes I’ve always been hungry. Ever since I remember, that is, since I was 13, I have been permanently hungry. I was eating and although I didn’t even finish, I was already longing for another meal.

My flirt with death. What I learned about myself

Reading Time: 8 minutes 2:30 PM, Salvador, Brazil. My first day in Bahia – a beautiful black part of Brazil. Black women pretend to be natural here by wearing their traditional African clothing and the tourists pretend to believe

Who am I when I’m lost? Ushuai, Argentina

Reading Time: 5 minutes How much do we know about ourselves? How many our lies do we believe in? We live in Woody Allen’s world, where solutions to all our problems and dilemmas are expected to be solved on

Meditate. By your own way

Reading Time: 6 minutes I go for meditation retreats 1-2 times a year.  Meditation is silence.  It is a state of stillness. Just sitting, no movement, no scratching, no stretching out and no fidgeting. Meditation is nothing  like pole dancing or

Control freak 1

Reading Time: 3 minutes As any control freak I have been denying the fact that I am one for a long time. ME – I don’t control and definitely not obsessively. People are simply not as organised, thorough or