The VERY elegant woman’s lesson

Reading Time: 2 minutes Hands up who’s never broken an iPhone screen! I have replaced it multiple times after almost having a heart attack looking how it’s breaking into pieces in front of me. But… I had met someone

Everything in our life should be beautiful

Reading Time: 6 minutes My granny always said that a woman should dress pretty and a man should dress warm. I think that many people can be divided into such female and male types.

My home, my friendships, Warsaw

Reading Time: 5 minutes I love being at home. Wherever I am, I try to make that place my home. That is probably why I’m unable to travel “light”. I take with me the printed pictures of my family

Hearts problem

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do you also have these moments when you suffer, you think the problem will go away and that it’s not a big deal and then: BOOM! – biopsy, hospital, surgery… and: “why didn’t you come

Happiness is overrated

Reading Time: 3 minutes One thing I like more than happy and content people is happy and content me – not even because it’s so pleasant, but because the opposite state is so terribly disagreeable.


Reading Time: 5 minutes Sometimes I feel like this whole obsession of a modern world about acceptance, tolerance and unconditional love is just mumbling, rubbish and declaration! Everyone agrees, everyone thinks it’s right, everyone needs it, but it has