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Hands up who’s never broken an iPhone screen! I have replaced it multiple times after almost having a heart attack looking how it’s breaking into pieces in front of me. But… I had met someone who reacted completely different in the same situation.
A very elegant woman of extraordinary beauty, rich and self-confident and very organized. Everything that surrounds her is beautiful.  Its is this kind of women, who even after a ten-hour flight still looks as if she’s just left the hairdresser’s.
She carries small handbags, walks slowly and gracefully, in her heels as high as the Eiffel Tower.
The very elegant woman, whose name isn’t important is also a gadget freak. We’ve met a few days after iPhone 6 had been released. She’s already had it. And it had… a broken screen. Something that is completely unsuitable to woman like her. It was so unlike her and for me – huge fan of Apple, who still was using iPhone 5 – the view of broken iPhone was very disturbing.
Just like dogs are similar to their owners – sometimes phone screens can be too… Even that broken screen was quite elegant. Elegant or not, though, the fact was that the screen wasn’t perfect anymore. Being an iPhone maniac and an aesthete myself, I could feel every inch of the crack in every cell of my body.
‘Hey, I feel so sorry for you. You must be really worried…’
‘Oh, no! I don’t mind it at all.’
‘When I worry, I get a headache, so…. I don’t worry.’
‘When I worry, I get a headache, so I don’t worry…’
I said it aloud again – first in a daze, then – to digest it better.  I don’t like to worry because I don’t like headache…
‘But you do worry about SOMETHING?’
‘Only subconsciously… Whenever I get a headache, I think: Oh, I must be worried about something, I better relax.
‘And then what?’
‘I book a massage or yoga session. And here we go – I don’t worry any more.’
Everything would be great and amazing if you can do it in private life, but unfortunately indifference in one area meant indifference in everything else…:
‘It’s normal that people in the third world countries earn nothing. That’s the kind of a government they have, they have to suffer the consequences. Let’s change the subject, I’m getting the eye twitches. And I’ll get the headache.’
I’m one of the people who tend to worry too much and the attitude of this very elegant woman is not me… However, I have learnt something.
I bought a silicon case for my iPhone so I don’t have headache…

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