Don’t waste your time on thinking. Couple of tips how to think like a PRO.

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You know the feeling? You dream about some free time to yourself and when you finally get it, you think:

  • I’m sure there’s something important I should be doing! What is it? You instinctively look for extra things to do.
  • I have too much shit to do to be relaxing – and guilt starts eating away at you like termites gnawing through old furniture.
  • This feels good! But then the guilty part of your mind asks: ‘is it ok just to enjoy free time?’
  • OMG, I should be doing something  MORE fun!You panic and you look for some things to do just to fill the hole.

We as humans always want a lot. And then we want a little more. But for everything in life there’s a price:
We wanted to have more information – now we have information overload.
We wanted to have more technology – now we have attention deficit disorder.
We wanted to be on the top of the pyramid – the pressure is on us to succeed.
We have TOO much of everything. Except two things:

  1. Time
  2. Peace of mind

Do you know the consequences of this?
It’s an interesting question – but not the most important.
The MOST IMPORTANT question is: how to deal with it?
In my new video, I give you vital tips how to handle this mountain on your shoulder. Taken from the book: Too Fast to Think.

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