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If you know me – you know that I talk a lot. A lot!
If you read me – you know that I write a lot. A lot!
And I’ve never been happy when people have told me so. But after reading this book, I had to admit – it was possibly too much. I started doing the exercises in the book and in just 2 weeks the text that I wrote for my blog improved so much that it was picked up and published by Newsweek. One more month of exercises and Business Insider published my article!
And… I am not even the most talented person I know. So, if you have some talent (and it’s probably more than I have) – this book will make a HUGE impact on your life. One caveat – the book is a rollercoaster ride for your self confidence. A little bit scary on the beginning – but better and better with every second you stay on the journey!

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